Omegle “Talk to Strangers”

Omegle is a chatroom website where you can talk to strangers. For the fact that its logo is talk to strangers should send a red flag. If you go on Omegle you can do video or text chats. You can also do spy question which is where it will ask you a question and then you and a stranger will comment on the question. Most of the conversations and questions are highly inapporpriate. I would not suggest going on this website. You have no idea who you are talking to. This website does not show up on chatroom childblock so if you are a parent make sure your teenager wouldn’t go on this. Millions of people get on the website everyday. More than four hundred people get on every 10 minutes. This website is not safe. You could be at the risk of stalkers, kidnappers, rapists, and murderers. If you are one of the people who login to this wedsite think of the danger you put on yourself and others around you. Even if you think you like a person on there they could be lying to you. You can simply tell someone your name and that person can easily find out everything about you by that one mistake. Stay clear of this website and if you know anybody on this website warn them of the danger it causes them.

We give this website a F-

By brookeandkerri

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