The Hunger Games


Brooke- The book was alot better than the movie. They left off so much important stuff. I mean they didn’t even make the cat (Buttercup) yellow! Just Kidding!! But they really did leave out to much important stuff like where she go the pin from (for those of you who have not read the book she got it from Madge who was her only other friend besides Gale but they completely cut her out to). Another thing that was wrong, was that in the begining she was singing to her sister, but in the book she doesn’t like to sing since her dad died and she only sings when Rue dies. I think they did a good job of showing the relationship between Katniss and Rue and you could tell how much Katniss cared about Rue when she died. In the beging things were moving to fast you couldn’t really tell what was going on. they did the same thing when the tributes were in the arena. I think it was a really good movie but they shouldn’t have made some things different. I really hope they don’t do this with the next movie. If you haven’t read the book I think you would really like this movie, but if you have read the book and are upet like we are you should blog about it like we did!

Kerri- The Hunger Games was a pretty good movie, although my friend would diagree in some ways. The movie was a general idea of the book. But the movie left out some critical events that took place in the book. I mean, Peeta didn’t even loose his leg and Haymitch didn’t fall of the stage drunk in the movie. JK! When Rue died I cried because she reminded Katniss of Primrose in a way, but at least Katniss didn’t have to kill her in the end. But of course the most touching part of the movie was when they were going to kill themselves so neither one of them would have to live without the other. If I hadn’t read the book before wathching the movie it would’ve been a 9 out of 10. Over all the movie was great but I hope they don’t change so much stuff in the next movie.

Both- The Hunger Games gets a C+

By brookeandkerri

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